Things have been real busy here at Cleaveland Mountaineering, juggling a healthy mix of the growing family, day job, hobby farm, and running a sewing side business. We purchased a prebuilt barn/shed for workspace and storage, then outfitted the interior. Its still a work in progress. There’s a woodworking and metalworking shop in the front, then a room for sewing, leatherwork, and storage in the back. In the loft is household and gear storage.

There’s a new sign at the street, made with my old commuter bike that got a cracked weld in the head tube. Turns out that cutting an irregular mountain profile on a bandsaw is more challenging than you might expect. This is a rendition of the skyline on the logo – it is a ridge between unnamed peak 13674 and Half Peak in the San Juans, taken from Square Gulch.

The new sign

Going from the wood shop into the sewing shop. Note the custom home-built door – redwood frame, doug fir paneling inlay to match the walls. The latch is from black walnut with a walnut leaf spring. A pull cord goes thru to open it from the inside.

A recent frame bag project with internal pocket, panel loader, left map pocket, and padded ST and DT, for a full suspension rig.

The older boys say, “The steeper it is, the better we like it.” It runs in the family.