Cleaveland Mountaineering is a Colorado-based designer and manufacturer of high-quality, inovative products for bikepacking adventures. Our motto is “Better Suffering through Engineering.”


Frame Bag Sale

$120 - Custom frame bag built by Cleaveland Mountaineering. Free shipping within the 48 states. Black fabric Velcro attachment to frame One main zipper on right hand side For this low price the optional features are limited to: One full panel side pocket on left hand...

Old Rock Shox Fork Cap Missing?

Missing the fork caps on my "vintage 1990's" Bontrager singlespeed? No problem, I have a "vintage 1890's" lathe, and a stainless steel bolt. Nothing to it. Fork Clamp Mounts are on sale through the end of November, get them while you...

More Mount Machining

While I just ordered another batch of CNC mounts, I am experimenting with how to make them more efficiently at home. Here are two more methods, I'll spare the machinist details. Lathe is a Wright Brothers era machine that was originally pedal powered! Turn mount in...

Re-Porching The Everything Bag Mount

Caution - technical content, read at your own risk The new "thing" in business is bringing manufacturing back to the US, "reshoring." Well, I'm "re-porching" production of the everything bag mount back to my porch, rather than a local CNC machine shop (exceptional...


For years I made my own equipment for backpacking, trail running, and rock climbing, so when I took up bikepacking, making my own equipment was a logical step. This grew into a successful custom bikepacking side business, making frame bags and other equipment. With a growing family and a full time engineering job, I’ve cut back to only my favorite stock products. As sales quantities allow, I will outsource sewing locally to allow me to focus more on customer service and marketing.