Cleaveland Mountaineering is a Colorado-based designer and manufacturer of high-quality, inovative products for bikepacking adventures. Our motto is “Better Suffering through Engineering.”


More Mount Machining

While I just ordered another batch of CNC mounts, I am experimenting with how to make them more efficiently at home. Here are two more methods, I'll spare the machinist details. Lathe is a Wright Brothers era machine that was originally pedal powered! Turn mount in...

Re-Porching The Everything Bag Mount

Caution - technical content, read at your own risk The new "thing" in business is bringing manufacturing back to the US, "reshoring." Well, I'm "re-porching" production of the everything bag mount back to my porch, rather than a local CNC machine shop (exceptional...

E Bike Frame Bags

Here is a recent custom project, to fit a dirt bike, or is that moped? No, its an "All Mountain E Bike!" The spacial requirements were tricky as there was a huge battery to conceal, and almost no space between the battery and suspension. The solution is simple and...


For years I made my own equipment for backpacking, trail running, and rock climbing, so when I took up bikepacking, making my own equipment was a logical step. This grew into a successful custom bikepacking side business, making frame bags and other equipment. With a growing family and a full time engineering job, I’ve cut back to only my favorite stock products. As sales quantities allow, I will outsource sewing locally to allow me to focus more on customer service and marketing.